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Eton NPTWXB Axis Self-Powered Safety Hub with Weather Radio and USB Cell Phone Charger

Eton NPT300WXB
Eton NPT300WXB Axis Self-Powered Safety Hub with Weather Radio and USB Cell Phone Charger
by Grundig
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Eton Axis Self-Powered Safety Hub

A self-powered device that's designed to prepare for the worst of situations

The Eton Axis Self-Powered Safety Hub has everything you'd need in the event of an emergency, power outage or natural disaster. It has a variety of features that will help you whether you're stranded and need to charge your cell phone to call for help or at home during a black out. It can be powered by hand crank for self power, plugged into the included AC power adapter via mini-USB (included) or powered by three AAA batteries (not included).

Features that can be put to use in emergencies

The Axis is equipped with an AM/FM/NOAA weather radio. You can tune into a variety of AM/FM stations and also 7 preset NOAA weather channels. To access these stations select the AM, FM or WB (weather band) channel 1-7 with the band selector switch.

Axis Self Powered Safety Hub
Axis Flashlight

For best reception, make sure to fully extend the telescopic antenna for FM or WB stations. Scroll through your desired stations with the easy-to-use TUNE knob. The weather channels come pre-programmed as follows:

  • Channel 1 162.400 Mhz
  • Channel 2 162.425 Mhz
  • Channel 3 162.450 Mhz
  • Channel 4 162.475 Mhz
  • Channel 5 162.500 Mhz
  • Channel 6 162.525 Mhz
  • Channel 7 162.550 Mhz
The NOAA Alert feature makes tracking the weather a breeze

After tuning into your local weather channel, the radio can be set to the alert function by pressing the ALERT button below and to the right of the LCD screen. When pressed, the radio turns the sound off, but continues to monitor the NOAA station of your region. If an alert broadcasts on this frequency, the sound turns back on automatically and you will hear the alert broadcast. To turn this function off, press ALERT again and it will turn off.

Using and charging the rechargeable battery couldn't be easier

The rechargeable NI-MH (nickel-metal hydride) battery is in the rear battery compartment and can be charged a few different ways. Plug the battery into the socket adjacent to it, press the DYN button (front right side of the radio) and then press the POWER button. You can also charge via USB located under the DC-IN on the back of the radio. Plug into any computer or charging device and press DYN, then POWER.

The Axis can charge cell phones

The Axis has a low voltage protection circuit to deter the battery from dropping too low in voltage for cell phone charging. If the battery symbol shows three bars, it is capable of charging a cell phone. When it begins blinking, charging will stop and a recharge of the Axis' battery is required to resume cell phone charging.

To charge cell phones:
  1. Press DYN and make sure the three required bars appear on the battery status.
  2. Plug the USB cell phone charging cord into the PHONE CHARGER socket under the rubber cover on the back of the radio.
  3. Plug the other end of the cord into your cell phone.
  4. Press the button labeled CELL. "CELL" will appear in the lower right corner of the LCD display and the phone will begin charging.
  5. After about 20 minutes of charging, the phone should have about 20-25 minutes of talk time.

    You can also hand crank the Axis to recharge a cell phone. Just press the DYN button and turn the crank for 7 minutes. This will result in about 5 minutes of talk time.

Axis Hand Crank

Eton Product Digital Tuning AM/FM Radio National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin (NOAA) S.A.M.E. Solar Powered Dynamo Crank Powered USB Cell Phone Charger AUX Input LED Flashlight Emergency Light Alarm Clock Headphone Input
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Self-Powered Safety Hub with AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert and USB Cell Phone Charger

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