Monday, March 26, 2012

Monster MC CV-M Ultra-High Performance Component Video Cables ( meter)

Monster MC
Monster MC 700CV-1M Ultra-High Performance Component Video Cables (1 meter)
by Monster

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Ultra-High Performance Component Video Cable for Stunning High Definition Video with Vivid, Natural Color and Lifelike Detail
Experience the Best Your Home Theater Has to Offer
For the thrilling experience you expect from your HDTV, high definition DVD player, and HD cable/satellite receiver, you need a true high definition interconnect. When HDMI isn’t an option, component video is your best bet. Just choose the right component video cable. High definition demands more from your connection. If all three component connections don’t have precise construction, signal-timing errors can degrade your picture. Introducing a better HD solution—Monster Cable® 700CV.

Monster® Technologies Deliver an HD Experience Worth Staying Home For
Certified for performance by the renowned Imaging Science Foundation, Monster® 700CV sets a new standard for component video cable construction. Equipped with many of Monster’s most advanced video technologies, from high-integrity 12-cut Turbine® connectors to a nitrogen gas-injected dielectric, 700CV delivers rich blacks, razor-sharp definition, and dazzling color from today’s elite widescreen HDTVs. For a true high-impact, high definition viewing experience, step up to Monster 700CV.

Component Video 700cv Ultra High Performance Video Cable - 1 m. length - 3.28 ft.

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