Saturday, March 31, 2012

ND Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

ND967 Cardioid
ND967 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
by Electrovoice

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The Electro-Voice N/D967 is a supercardioid dynamic microphone ideally suited for vocal use in live sound reinforcement, including large and small concert sound venues. The characteristics of the N/D967 have been optimized to dramatically reduce feedback under live performance conditions. The N/D967 utilizes an optimized neodymium alloy magnetic structure to provide unprecedented output sensitivity. Highest gain-before-feedback performance vocal microphone Optimized response for live performance EV-exclusive personality switch shapes sound High N/DYM sensitivity Unique removable front grille assembly and pop filter for easy hygenic cleaning Superior multistage shock mount for unmatched low handling noise Warm Grip handle for more comfortable feel The N/DYM magnet geometry combined with a reinforced diaphragm design forms a smooth, extended frequency response with a warm, open and transparent sound quality. The N/D967 microphone features an advanced version of the AcoustiDYM shock-mount system. This unique vibration isolating system works as a multistage device. At low frequencies, a rear sound wave cancels the diaphragm motion, while at high frequencies, the specially designed rubber shock mount isolates the transducer from motion. Combining AcoustiDYM with the elastomeric Warm-Grip handle and the windscreen bumper produces an advanced technology, vibration isolating system which dramatically reduces all forms of handling noise for the most demanding situations. The N/D967 has a unique personality switch to fit the demands of live sound. In the Normal position, the microphone exhibits a very smooth slightly rising response. This provides fuller sound and is preferred where the microphone is used several inches from the lips. In Presence position, the mid frequencies are slightly attenuated. This gives the microphone more cut and clarity when used very close to the sound source. The microphone has a washable grille screen and two-stage pop filter to reduce wind ...

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