Thursday, April 5, 2012

Creative Labs NOMAD MuVo² GB MP Player

Creative Labs
Creative Labs NOMAD MuVo² 4 GB MP3 Player
by Creative
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The Creative NOMAD® MuVo² combines cutting-edge 1" hard disk drive storage, high-speed USB 2.0 and superb sound quality in a remarkably compact, easy to use package. Grab it, load it, clip it on your belt and you're all set to go! Holds up to 128 hrs WMA / 64 hrs MP3 songs Huge hard drive capacity in a flash memory sized player allows you to carry all your music with you in a tiny digital music player. High fidelity 98dB SNR Crystal clear sound with full bass and exhilirating highs. Creative is the recognized leader in audio sound quality among portable MP3 and WMA players. Removable Li-ion battery - Charge through USB connection or with power adapter Up to 14 hrs continuous playback on a single charge. The removable battery allows you to carry a spare for unmatched playback time. Easy-to-Use – Drag and drop files True plug-and-play simplicity. The NOMAD MuVo² 4GB is automatically detected as a removable disk by Windows. Transfering files to and from the MuVo² is as simple as dragging and dropping files within Windows Explorer. Or use Creative's easy to use and comprehensive Mediasource™ software to rip your CDs to MP2 or WMA, create playlists and transfer them to your MuVo². Super fast USB 2.0 Transfer a song a second with super fast USB 2.0. Load your music collection in a matter of minutes. Compatible with USB 1.1. Music management software New to digital music? Creative's Medisource™ software (included) has everything you need to get started. Rip your CD's to MP3 or WMA with automatic ID3 tag labeling via free online CDDB (CD Data Base), add tracks downloaded from a variety of online music services, create playlists, transfer them to your MuVo² and you're ready to go.

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