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Monster MC HD-M Ultra-High Speed HDTV HDMI Cable ( meter)

Monster MC
Monster MC 1000HD-1M Ultra-High Speed HDTV HDMI Cable (1 meter)
by Monster
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HDMI places incredible performance demands on your digital A/V connections. It requires a truly high-bandwidth cable that can deliver enormous amounts of digital data without bit-error and signal degradation. Monster has created the Advanced HDMI 1000HD Ultra-High Speed Cable for those who demand the best in high definition home theater--both now and in the future. This cable is ideal for larger HDTVs, advanced projectors, and high definition AV sources. Monster designs the most advanced HDMI cables and certifies their performance for future generations of products. If the performance capabilities of this cable are ever exceeded by future generations of HDMI, Monster will replace this cable at no charge--see product packaging for further details.

Highest Quality Digital Video and Audio Cable for the Sharpest Picture, Deepest Color, and Highest Resolution Sound

Monster Ultra-High Speed 1000HD ensures everything you like to watch in high definition has maximum realism, maximum impact. Movies are just like the director intended. Sports and live shows are just like you're there. Games are just what you expect—larger than life. With a certified bandwidth of greater than 10.2 Gbps*, no high definition experience is too demanding. 1000HD is your connection to the best in HD picture and sound, now and in the future.

As HD technologies improve, cables with more bandwidth will be needed
to carry the signal, especially over distances longer than 1-2 meters
Explaining the HDMI Cable Confusion

HDMI engenders more confusion than any other connector type with many different cable and component standards, interoperability problems, and false information about the quality and performance of HDMI cables. Moreover, many electronics and cables do not perform to the standard, so many combinations of cables and components don't work. Additionally, cable performance, especially over long runs, have degraded picture quality.

Why Pay More for an HDMI Cable?

A common misconception is that all HDMI cables are the same--so why not just buy the cheapest cables you can find? The truth is that there are many levels of High-Definition digital video, and there are different levels of HDMI cables to connect them. High-Definition (720p/1080i) as we know it today is delivered at a 2.2 Gbps (giga-bits per second) throughput rate. Although high compared to standard DVD at .81 Gbps, it won't achieve the best performance from High-Definition in the near future, which will require 10.2 Gbps and more. Previous generation HDMI cables developed to meet the original 2.2 Gbps standard are not certified for the new standard and may not pass the full bandwidth required to provide the best performance from these new products.

Unlike computer data, which is tolerant of data transmission losses, video data is not. Accurate transmission is essential. Most HDMI-compliant cables can transfer older versions of High-Definition (720p/1080i) data rate over short lengths, but have problems maintaining the same performance over longer lengths as well as higher data rates required of 1080p. HDMI cables are very sensitive to construction variances. With HDMI's super-high data rate and microscopically tight tolerances, even mishandling the cables during an install can significantly affect performance. Look for better shielded connectors, mesh jackets for durability, special winding techniques, nitrogen gas dielectrics to minimize loss, and CL 3 jacket ratings to ensure maximum performance with every installation.

HDMI 1000 Details

Monster's rugged construction lasts long and survives the toughest installations
So What Makes Monster HDMI Different?

Monster commits to providing the widest range of HDMI cables at various price points, from entry level standard speed cables, to ultra-high-speed cables for the most advanced video home theaters, some of which are yet to come. Monster has been a leader in HDMI connectivity from the beginning, working with HDMI co-inventor Silicon Image to educate consumers on the benefits and performance aspects of the cables.

Advanced HDMI performance is guaranteed, thanks to greater cable capacity for support of 12-bit color, also called Deep Color, available from advanced HD sources and displays. Greater color depth, from 8-bit to 12-bit, allows more detailed gradations of individual colors for the display of billions of colors. Additional cable bandwidth supports the xvYCC color space, also called x.v.Color, available from new advanced HD sources and displays. x.v.Color widens the number of available colors for 40 percent more colors than standard RGB. Bandwidth for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD gives you lossless surround sound, available on Blu-ray Disc™ and HD DVD™ movies. Also, Monster HDMI supports advanced HD components with 120 Hz frame/refresh rates, providing smoother, more fluid video reproduction.

The Monster Connector Difference

Noise and interference that can degrade an HDMI signal is often introduced at the connector. Monster Cable precision engineers its HDMI terminations and their internal components in order to reject external noise that can cause bit error and degrade picture and sound. The result: your HDTV will accurately display the high-definition video and audio from your high-definition sources, whether that's a 1080p-cable Blu-ray Disc™ Player, PlayStation® 3 or your 720p/1080i cable/satellite set-top box. Monster for HDMI connectors not only feature 24K gold contacts for maximum signal transfer and ultra-low distortion at the point of connection, but also silver-content soldering, connecting the HDMI cable's conductors to the connector's internal connection pins. This lowers resistance and maximizes digital signal transfer.

Additionally, the Monster for HDMI cables feature a heavy-duty internal metal shell. As a result, the internal conductor wiring routed inside the connector is always fully shielded with metal. This provides an extra defense against interference that can enter at the connector and degrade the digital signal. It also makes the whole connector stronger, preventing internal breakage at any solder point between the conductors and connectors when the cable is installed or disconnected. This isn't the case on all HDMI cables. Many HDMI cables only feature metal at the connection point. Inside the connector, a thin plastic shield typically separates the molded or metal connector body from the wiring inside. This needlessly exposes the bitstream to noise and conductor wiring to damage during installation or everyday use.

Get the Bandwidth That's Right for Your Resolution
Monster HDMI 500hd Standard Speed HDMI Cable--Certifies a cable bandwidth of 2.23 Gbps* for maximum performance from standard high definition digital TVs and other audio/video sources. This is the cable you need as an entry-level solution to getting the most out of your current equipment up to 720p/1080i resolutions.
Monster HDMI 700hd High Speed HDMI Cable--Certifies a cable bandwidth of 4.95 Gbps* for true 1080p video performance and high-resolution multi-channel audio. This is the cable for you if you want to get the most of the 1080p technology that's currently available.
Monster HDMI 1000hd Ultra-High Speed HDMI Cable--Guarantees a certified cable bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps* and greater, and will support not only the truest 1080p, but advanced source and display technologies such as 120 Hz refresh rates, x.v.Color, and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. If you want a cable that's truly future-proof against advancing HD technologies, the 1000hd is what's right for you.
* Gbps results are based on testing of 2 meter cable lengths under unequalized worst case conditions. Actual Gbps rates may vary.

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