Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remanufactured Hitachi DZMVA DVD Camcorder w/x Optical Zoom

Remanufactured Hitachi
Remanufactured Hitachi DZMV550A DVD Camcorder w/18x Optical Zoom
by Hitachi
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DVD Camcorder Notice (from the manufacturer):

Hitachi Home Electronics America can only verify Maxell brand DVD discs for use with Hitachi DVD Camcorders.

Hitachi has three main reasons for not supporting other manufacturers discs:

  1. Not all discs have the same standards for actual construction, therefore some may not work. An example of this is a disc that has a very thin writing surface, one so thin that the DVD Camcorder laser cannot properly write information.
  2. Quality of discs...some discs may be able to be written to, but will also peel and become defective within a short period of time. This can happen within a year or so after writing a disc, which is unacceptable for someone trying to document memories.
  3. While some DVD-R discs can be written and finalized from our camcorder, the percentage of DVD players that can playback that disc is greatly reduced due to different writing surface depths.

While other manufacturers may make discs that appear to be compatible, and may sometimes work, the only discs that Hitachi can verify as suitable for the Hitachi DVD Camcorders, for functionality and longevity and playback, are the Maxell brand discs.

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